Presentation of the Society

What is Angiogenesis ?

Angiogenesis is a biological phenomenon which refers to the formation of new bllod vessels. Angiogenesis is necessary to normal development of the embryo, of organs and is also favoring tumor growth and metastasis. Angiogenesis also appears in other pathological situations such as rhumatoid arthritis and age-related macular degeneration.

The French Angiogenesis Society

The SFA is an official French, non-profit association, created under the '1901 law article' on 06 June 2007. The SFA is the continuation of the Réseau Français d'Angiogenèse created on 16 May 1996 by several French researchers working in this field in order to favor the exchanges between their laboratories.

The SFA organises an International conference every 18 months which is a unique occasion to present fundamental and clinical research, in place of the initial meetings of the French Angiogenesis Network (Réseau Français d’Angiogenèse). The SFA forms, through its members and their activities, a network of experts in Angiogenesis and gathers most of the actors in this field in France. The SFA interacts with private companies and administrations in order to propose the creation of study- and research- fellowships, prices... under its name and supported by these structures.

Word from the President

Dear colleagues, dear Friends,

It is with great gratefulness that I have accepted the presidency of the French Society of Angiogenesis and I hope to be worthy to succeed our eminent founding members and previous presidents. Therefore, I wish to thank Dr. Fabrice Soncin, the founder of our society, Jean-Jacques Feige who expanded the SFA to a large-scale of European laboratories, and Gilles Pagès who build our reputation and recognition in Europe by becoming a member of the Board Director of the European Vascular Biology Organization. I wish to continue their work and to participate in the recognition of the SFA in Europe, but also worldwide.

Blood and lymphatic vascular systems play a key role in pathophysiology. They are involved in embryonic development, wound healing, and are key players in pathologies such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In order to discuss about new ideas and about the latest scientific and technological advances, the SFA meets every 18 months during a congress that takes place in the host organizers city. During this meeting, we provide scientists new tools through a it represent a perfect place for pooling technologies. Our meeting allows us to establish new collaborations between national and international research teams to carry out original projects. This meeting also allows us to update our knowledge about of the progress of clinical trials currently performed in the hospitals. This congress is of great importance because it brings together the entire French scientific community that studies vascular systems in various pathologies. It provides the opportunity to set up new collaborations and it gives a real visibility for French laboratories to the international scientific community.

Our next meeting, the 9th, will be held in Nantes on May 14th and 15th, 2020. The organizers, Dr. Julie Gavard, Cécile Duplaa, and Vincent Sauzeau, gathered on this occasion world-renowned speakers who will share the presentations with students and postdocs selected on abstracts. I have no doubt that this congress will be a great success.

In the near future, I wish to continue the work performed by the previous members of the SFA. I wish to participate to highlight French vascular laboratories in the international context. Having started my career by studying the role of angiogenesis in heart and metabolic diseases, before specializing in the field of cancer, I would like to continue the opening that my predecessor had set up for other disciplines in connection with angiogenesis. On a more personal note, I would also like to emphasize a poorly explored field: the lymphatic vascular system.

Thanks to our strong past history associated with new players from the renewal of the SFA Board Director, I am extremely confident about the success of our joint project.

Barbara Garmy-Susini, President

Bureau and Administration Board

Bureau of the French Angiogenesis
Society (06/2019-/2021)
Dr Barbara Garmy-Susini, Présidente, Dr Julie Gavard, adjointe
Dr Isabelle Vilgrain, Trésorière, Dr Eva Faurobert, adjointe
Dr Cécile Duplaà, Secrétaire, Dr Thomas Daubon, adjoint
Administration Board (10/2019-21)
Dr Thomas Daubon, Bordeaux
Dr Cécile Duplaà, Bordeaux
Dr Eva Faurobert, Grenoble
Dr Julie Gavard, Nantes
Dr Hanna Hlawaty, Paris
Dr Sonia Martial, Nice
Dr Laurent Martiny, Reims
Dr Thomas Mathivet, Paris
Dr Laurent Muller, Paris
Dr Fabrice Soncin, Lille, membre invité
Dr Florence Tatin, Toulouse
Dr Isabelle Vilgrain, Grenoble
The Webmaster is Fabrice Soncin (CNRS UMI 2820, LIMMS/IIS)
Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Trésorière Barbara Garmi-Susini, Secrétaire Julie Gavard Cécile Duplaà Eva Faurobert Laurent Martiny Laurent Muller Fabrice Soncin Isabelle Vilgrain Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Trésorière Barbara Garmi-Susini, Secrétaire Julie Gavard