Presentation of the Society

What is Angiogenesis ?

Angiogenesis is a biological phenomenon which refers to the formation of new bllod vessels. Angiogenesis is necessary to normal development of the embryo, of organs and is also favoring tumor growth and metastasis. Angiogenesis also appears in other pathological situations such as rhumatoid arthritis and age-related macular degeneration.

The French Angiogenesis Society

The SFA is an official French, non-profit association, created under the '1901 law article' on 06 June 2007. The SFA is the continuation of the Réseau Français d'Angiogenèse created on 16 May 1996 by several French researchers working in this field in order to favor the exchanges between their laboratories.

The SFA organises an International conference every 18 months which is a unique occasion to present fundamental and clinical research, in place of the initial meetings of the French Angiogenesis Network (Réseau Français d’Angiogenèse). The SFA forms, through its members and their activities, a network of experts in Angiogenesis and gathers most of the actors in this field in France. The SFA interacts with private companies and administrations in order to propose the creation of study- and research- fellowships, prices... under its name and supported by these structures.

Word from the President

Dear colleagues, dear Friends,

Our Society was created ten years ago. I must here acknowledge the initital involvement of Dr Fabrice Soncin in creating this Scientific Society in the continuity of the Réseau Français d'Angiogenèse created on 16 May 1996. During these 10 years, the initial wishes of Fabrice Soncin were taken on by the next President, Dr Jean Jacques Feige, whose actions federated the funding members and opened the Society to European laboratories. In January 2016, I inherited the burden of continuing their actions and trying to have an even more open Society toward foreign laboratories.

The goals of SFA are first to promote research, education and information on the various angiogenesis aspects, both normal and pathological. Our Society also aims at gathering all actors in our specialty, whether they are researchers, clinicians or industrial partners, during our SFA conference which takes place every 18 months. The ambition of this conference is also a pedagogic one as it gives young researchers the opportunity to present their work in front of the best specialists in the field. This friendly "confrontation" allows them to exchange ideas and hypotheses, aiming to reach excellence in their work. Since the SFA conference in Bordeaux in 2011 under the impulse of Pr Andréas Bikfalvi, whom I acknowledge here, all presentations are held in English. This initiative readily gave an International dimension to the conference which now attracts more and more European and, since the SFA conference held in Paris by Drs Stéphane Germain and Jean Sébastien Sylvestre, American guests. I myself had the honor of giving an International dimension when I organized the SFA conference in Monaco in 2012. The next SFA conference will be held in Toulouse on the behalf of Drs Barbara Garmy-Susini and Olivier Cuvillier and, I am sure, will be a successful one again.

For the years to come, the challenge for our Society will be to federate even more national and international researchers around our common projects. Opening the Society to other disciplines in connexion with angiogenesis is also one of our goals, in particular those in the field of immunotherapy which has recently revolutionized our views of treatments. I am sure that with the energy and motivation of all the involved actors, we will be able to achieve these goals in the next ten years.

Gilles Pagès, President

Bureau and Administration Board

Bureau of the French Angiogenesis
Society (12/2015-12/2017)
Administration Board(12/2015-12/2017)
Dr Gilles Pagès, PrésidentDr Gilles Pagès, Président, Nice
Dr Catherine Boisson-Vidal, TrésorièreDr Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Trésorière, Paris
Dr Barbara Garmy-Susini, SecrétaireDr Barbara Garmy-Susini, Secrétaire, Toulouse
Pr Andreas Bikfalvi, Bordeaux
Dr Olivier Cuvillier, Toulouse
Dr Cécile Duplaà, Bordeaux
Dr Eva Faurobert, Grenoble
Dr Jean-Jacques Feige, Grenoble
Dr Julie Gavard, Nantes
Dr Laurent Martiny, Reims
Dr Laurent Muller, Paris
Pr Marc Pocard, Paris
Dr Fabrice Soncin, Lille
Dr Isabelle Vilgrain, Grenoble
The Webmaster is Fabrice Soncin (Institut de Biologie de Lille)
Gilles Pagès, Président Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Trésorière Barbara Garmi-Susini, Secrétaire Julie Gavard Andréas Bikfalvi Olivier Cuvillier Cécile Duplaà Eva Faurobert Jean-Jacques Feige Laurent Martiny Laurent Muller Marc Pocard Fabrice Soncin Isabelle Vilgrain Gilles Pagès, Président Catherine Boisson-Vidal, Trésorière Barbara Garmi-Susini, Secrétaire Julie Gavard Andréas Bikfalvi Olivier Cuvillier