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Wednesday, April 2
15.00-15.15 Welcome and Introduction : J.J. Feige

15.15 Session 1: Molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis-1
Chairpersons: Danièle MATHIEU & Fabrice SONCIN
15.15-15.55 Keynote lecture: M. POTENTE (Frankfurt, Germany)
Linking angiogenesis and metabolism by FOXOs transcription factors
15.55-16.15 Invited lecture : T. JAFFREDO (Paris, France)
Hemogenic and non-hemogenic endothelium: rules and paradigms during development
16.15-16.30 V. AROCAS (Paris, France)
Protease nexin-1, a new player of the angiogenic balance
16.30-16.45 C. UMANA-DIAZ (Paris, France)
Lysyl-oxidase like 2 (LOXL2) regulates sprouting angiogenesis through mechanisms independent of its enzyme activity

16.45-17.15 Coffee break

17.15 Session 2: Vascular dysplasias
Chairpersons: Sabine BAILLY & Marc POCARD
17.15-17.55 Keynote lecture: E. TOURNIER-LASSERVE (Paris, France)
Cerebrovascular dysplasias: From genetics toward animal models for therapeutic trials
17.55-18.10 C. GUIGNABERT (Le Plessis-Robinson)
Increased pericyte coverage mediated by endothelial derived FGF-2 and IL-6 is a source of smooth muscle-like cells in pulmonary hypertension
18.10-18.25 E. FAUROBERT (Grenoble, France)
Regulation of beta1 integrin activation by CCM complex is central to the stability of low flow blood vessels

18.30-19.30 Welcome address by the Mayor of Chamonix Mont-Blanc followed by
an aperitive reception offered by Chamonix Town Hall

Speakers’ dinner at La Maison Carrier
Free evening for the participants

Thursday, April 3
08.30 Session 3: Physiological angiogenesis
Chairpersons: Cécile DUPLAÀ & Stéphane GERMAIN
08.30-09.10 Keynote lecture: C. BETSHOLTZ (Stockholm, Sweden)
The elusive microvascular pericyte : physiological and pathological roles
09.10-09.30 Invited lecture: J.P. GIRARD (Toulouse, France)
Microenvironmental control of high endothelial venules (HEVs), specialized blood vessels which contribute to the fight against cancer
09.30-09.45 E. TILLET (Grenoble, France)
BMP9 and BMP10 are necessary for proper closure of the ductus arteriosus
09.45-10.00 HO WANG YIN K.Y. (Paris, France)
Phagocytosis of apoptotic debris through MerTK and Mfge8 controls cardiac healing after myocardial infarction through VEGF-A- and IL10-dependent mechanisms
10.00-10.15 Presentation of the Roche fundamental research grant 2012: V. MATTOT (Lille, France)
Mechanisms of Egfl7 deposition into the endothelial extracellular matrix and its related functions

10.15-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-12.00 POSTER SESSION
12.00-13.30 Lunch Buffet
12.45-13.30 General convention of the French Angiogenesis Society

13.30 Session 4: Imaging angiogenesis
Chairpersons: Julie GAVARD & Jean-Jacques FEIGE
13.30-14.10 Keynote lecture: M. AFFOLTER (Basel, Switzerland)
Cell behavior during vascular remodeling
14.10-14.25 J. GOETZ (Strasbourg, France)
Looking at tumor invasion and angiogenesis from a biomechanical, dynamical and correlative point of view
14.25-14.40 B. TAVITIAN (Paris, France)
Microcirculation and angiogenesis of tumors depend on their metabolic profile
14.40-15.00 Invited lecture: S. NÉGRIER (Lyon, France)
Anti-angiogenic treatments in renal cancers

15.00-15.20 Presentations by the laureates of the ROCHE Research Grants 2013
15.20-15.45 Coffee break
15.45-16.30 POSTER SESSION

16.30 Session 5: Molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis-2
Chairpersons: Catherine BOISSON-VIDAL & Jean-Sébastien SILVESTRE
16.30-17.10 Keynote lecture: S. DIMMELER (Frankfurt, Germany)
Non-coding RNAs in angiogenesis
17.10-17.30 Invited lecture: D. SMADJA (Paris, France)
From stem cells to endothelial progenitor cells: is there any future for the cell therapy approach in cardiovascular disease?
17.30-17.45 M.A. RENAULT (Bordeaux, France)
Desert Hedgehog knockdown observed in diabetes is sufficient to induce peripheral neuropathy by causing blood nerve barrier breakdown
17.45-18.00 A. GUILLABERT-GOURGUES (Bordeaux, France)
Kif26b controls directional endothelial cell migration and polarity through the core Disheveled 3/Daam 1-dependent PCP signaling pathway

19.00 Departure from the Montenvers train station to the Hotel du Montenvers-Mer de Glace for the gala dinner
23.30 Return to Chamonix by the mountain train

Friday, April 4

08.30 Session 6: Anti-angiogenic therapies
Chairpersons: Anne-Catherine PRATS & Gilles PAGÈS
08.30-09.10 Keynote lecture: M. MAZZONE (Leuven, Belgium)
Hypoxic regulation of tumor-associated macrophages: implication for vascular growth and maturation
09.10-09.30 Invited lecture: F. BONO (Toulouse, France)
SSR12819 an allosteric inhibitor of FGF receptors signaling: elucidation of its molecular mode of action and efficacy on tumor cells expressing mutated
form of FGFR
09.30-09.45 S. BECHERIRAT (Paris, France)
Evaluation of discontinuing VEGF control as a pro-metastatic process in human colon cancer model
09.45-10.00 F. RATAJ (Grenoble, France)
A novel anti-angiogenic therapy based on multi-target destabilization of short-lived mRNAs
10.00-10.15 S. AZZI (Paris, France)
HHV8:vGPCR signaling in vascular dysfunctions

10.15-10.45 Coffee break

10.45 Session 7: Lymphangiogenesis and metastatic dissemination
Chairpersons: Barbara GARMY-SUSINI & Andreas BIKFALVI
10.45-11.25 Keynote lecture: M. DETMAR (Zürich, Switzerland)
Interactions of tumor cells and lymphatic endothelium in cancer progression
11.25-11.40 J. PAUPERT (Liège, Belgique)
Implication of a collagen receptor, uPARAP/Endo180, in lymphangiogenesis
11.40-11.55 B. GARMY-SUSINI (Toulouse, France)
Hypoxia induces VEGF-C expression in metastatic tumor cells via a HIF-1α-independent translation-mediated mechanism

11.55-12.10 Best poster and best oral presentation Awards
12.10-12.15 Closing ceremony
12.15-13.00 Distribution of the lunch boxes
13.30 Departure of the shuttles to Lyon (in front of the hotel)

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