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Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends
It is our great pleasure to welcome you in Chamonix for the 5th Meeting of the French Angiogenesis Society. This scientific congress follows the four previous meetings of our Society (Chantilly, La Grande Motte, Bordeaux, Monaco) and the ten meetings of the French Angiogenesis Network that have laid the foundations of our Society. What a scientific progress since 1995, resulting from the academic laboratories that have carefully decrypted the molecular mechanisms of physiological and pathological angiogenesis but also from the pharmaceutical industry developing several anti-angiogenic drugs that have proven their efficiency for the treatment of various diseases (cancers, age-related macular degeneration). There is still much to discover; for instance to better understand and abrogate the resistance to anti-angiogenic drugs or to decipher the links between angiogenesis and metastatic activity. Further works are also required to develop innovative and efficient strategies of therapeutic angiogenesis to circumvent deleterious tissue remodeling associated with numerous pathological settings. We hope that this meeting will be a unique opportunity to discuss these questions and many others between French and European experts of this field.

We hope that the alpine atmosphere that will surrender us will be favorable to this kind of elevation. It is noteworthy that the discovery of the highest summits of the Alps has been associated since the very beginning of alpinism with scientific activities. When the Genevan scientist Horace Bénédicte de Saussure asked the Chamoniard guide Jacques Balmat to take him to the Mont-Blanc summit (together with his valet and 17 other local guides !), his biggest motivation was scientific. De Saussure wanted to measure very precisely the temperature of water boiling at an atmospheric pressure much lower than those tested before (i.e, to add one point on the curve of the Clapeyron law !). He found that water boiled at 68.99°Réaumur (i.e. at 86.24°C) on the top of Mont-Blanc.

We wish you all an excellent meeting with fruitful discussions and we thank all our sponsors for their invaluable support and their participation.

Jean-Jacques Feige, Sabine Bailly, Jean-Sébastien Silvestre and the organizing commitee

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