08h00-13h00    Exhibition Hall Set up
14h00               Opening of the welcome desk

Session :          Clinical management of pathological angiogenesis
                         Chairmen: Caroline Hilmi, Marc Pocard
15h30-16h10    Keynote lecture: Pr José Alain Sahel “Imaging retinal vascular function and remodeling during development and disease”
16h10-16h25    Selected abstract: Targeting NRP1 and NRP2 using transmembrane peptides as a novel therapeutic strategy for breast cancer - Alexia Arpel
16h25-16h40    Selected abstract: Dual role of the chemokine CXCL4L1 in pancreatic adenocarcinoma development - Cathy Quemener
16h40-16h50    General questions   

16h50-17h15    Invited senior lecture: Dr Xavier Pivot “Is bevacizumab a valuable therapy for metastatic breast cancer?”
17h15-17h30    Selected abstract: Identification of anti-angiogenic compounds by high-throughput screening of an academic chemical library - Agnès Desroches-Castan
17h30-17h45    Selected abstract: Evaluation of anti-angiogenic treatments for pheochromocytoma - Marion Denorme
17h45-17h55    General questions

19h00-20h00    Welcome Cocktail offered by the Principality of Monaco
                         Belle Epoque Room –Hermitage Hotel

Session:            Resistance to anti-angiogenic therapies
Chairmen: Cécile Duplaa, Gilles Pagès
08h30-09h10    Keynote lecture: Dr Yihai Cao “Emerging mechanisms of antiangiogenic cancer therapy
09h10-09h25    Selected abstract: Tumoral microvesicles : attempts to explain of pro-angiogenic effect induced in vitro by an anti-EGFR drug - Béatrice Faivre
09h25-09h30    General questions   

09h30-10h10    Keynote lecture: Dr Michele De Palma “The interplay between macrophages and angiogenesis in tumors”
10h10-10h25    Selected abstract: Egfl7 promotes tumor escape from immunity by repressing endothelial cell activation - Sébastien Pinte
10h25-10h30    General questions   


12h00-13h30    LUNCH – Les Grandes Ondes Restaurant - Novotel Hotel

Session             Hypoxia and angiogenesis
                          Chairmen: Olivier Cuvillier, Vincent Picco
13h30-14h10    Keynote: Dr Paolo Comoglio “The MET oncogene: hypoxia and angiogenesis”
14h10-14h25    Selected abstract: Hypoxia compensation strategies for new angiogenesis based therapies - Claudine Kieda
14h25-14h40    Selected abstract: Peripheral ischemia modulates microenvironment and enhances metastatic potential in a murine model of colon cancer - Chetana Lim

Session             Physiological angiogenesis
                         Chairmen: Thierry Couffinhal, Danièle Mathieu  
14h40-15h05    Invited senior lecture: Dr Michel Puceat “Human embryonic stem derived multipotent cardiovascular progenitors: potential in cardiac regeneration and de novo angiogenesis”
15h05-15h20    Selected abstract: Carboxyterminal domains of VEGF-A  play crucial roles in the regulation of Angiogenesis - Romain Delcombel
15h20-15h35    Selected abstract: Role of miR126-5p during vascular development - Loïc Poissonnier
15h35-15h45    General questions


Session             Angiogenesis and signaling pathways
                          Chairmen: Yves Audigier, Sandy Giuliano
17h00-17h40    Keynote: Dr Manuela Baccarini "Role of Raf in angiogenesis"
17h40-17h55    Selected abstract: Sonic hedgehog is a key factor mediating PDGF BB-induced mural cells recruitment - Marie-Ange Renault
17h55-18h10    Selected abstract: Inhibition of the Wnt receptor Frizzled-6 abrogates pathological endothelial hyperpermeability - Frédéric Larrieu-Lahargue

18h10-18h35    Invited senior lecture: Dr Patrick Mehlen “The dependence receptor notion: from a cell biology paradigm to an alternative anticancer targeted therapy”
18h35-18h50    Selected abstract : RANTES/CCL5-induced pro-angiogenic effects depend on CCR1, CCR5 and glycosaminoglycans - Nadine Suffee
18h50-19h05    Selected abstract: Tumor high endothelial venules (HEVs): specialized blood vessels in human solid tumors that contribute to tumor suppression rather than tumor growth - Mélanie Pichery
19h05-19h15    General questions

19h15-19h45    General assembly of the SFA

20h30               GALA DINNER - Bellevue Room - Café de Paris / ROCHE Award

Session :          Relationship between angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
                         Chairmen: Mélanie Guyot, Fabrice Soncin
08h30-09h10   Keynote : Dr Taija Makinen “Morphogenesis of the lymphatic vascular system”
09h10-09h25   Selected abstract: Evidence for the Interaction of Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 with the Lymphatic Endothelial Cell Marker LYVE-1 - Andreas Bikfalvi
09h25-09h40   Selected abstract: Endogenous antiangiogenic Thrombospondin-1 promotes spontaneous  metastasis dissemination in breast preclinical model - Jessica Nakhle
09h40-09h55   Selected abstract: Effects of Trabectedin (Yondelis®) on tumor microenvironment - Juan Fernando Martinez Leal  
09h55-10h00   General questions
10h00-10h30   COFFEE BREAK

Session :          Metabolism cancer and angiogenesis
                         Chairmen: Andréas Bikfalvi, Jean-Jacques Feige
10h30-11h10   Keynote : Dr Olivier Feron “Interplay between tumor metabolism and angiogenesis: therapeutic implications”
11h10-11h25   Aflibercept and metastatic colorectal cancer: the VELOUR clinical trial - Fabrice Soncin
11h25-11h40   Selected abstract: CD147 subunit of Lactate/H+ symporters MCT1 & MCT4 is critical for energetics and growth of glycolytic tumors - Renaud Lefloch
11h40-11h50   General questions

Session            Unexpected aspect of angiogenesis
                         Chairmen: Stéphane Germain, Renaud Grépin
11h50-12h20   Keynote: Dr Sabine Bailly  “BMP9 and BMP10 are critical for postnatal retinal angiogenic guidance”
12h20-12h35   Selected abstract: Regulation of the Telomeric Repeat Binding Factor TRF2 by the Wilms’ Tumor Suppressor WT1- a novel molecular mecanism involved in tumor neovascularization - Mounir El Mai
12h35-12h50   Selected abstract: Multipotent cardiovascular progenitors derived from human pluripotent stem cells are effective for treating ischemic vascular disease - Adèle Richart
12h50-13h00   General questions / concluding remarks

13h00-14h30   LUNCH - Les Grandes Ondes Restaurant - Novotel Hotel

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