du 28 au 30 Octobre 2012

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Dear Colleagues and friends:

This is a great pleasure to welcome you in Monaco for the fourth congress of the French Angiogenesis Society. This conference will be a unique opportunity to discuss and exchange information and ideas. Angiogenesis is a vast field of investigation and international scientific leaders will present the current state of the art. Young investigators, PhD students, and post-doctoral fellows will also have the opportunity to present their work through selected oral and poster presentations. This exposure to an audience of experts is an excellent way to prepare them for their future careers. Another important purpose of our meeting is to allow interactions between physicians and basic scientists for the transfer of knowledge between the laboratories and the patient beds. The presence of sponsors representing the major companies involved in the development of compounds that inhibit pathological angiogenesis is also a strong sign of the industrial interest on angiogenesis.

 The Principality of Monaco gives a unique and prestigious perspective to our discipline and the support of Prince Albert II demonstrates his interest in biomedical research. We hope that all participants will give their best to help stimulate this area of research that is changing day by day.

  Gilles Pages
Fabrice Soncin

Sponsor principal du congrès



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