Sunday, October 9th, 2011

 14.00 – 15.45             Welcome and registrations
15.45 – 16.00             Opening remarks

 Session 1          Physiology and developmental angiogenesis
                                     Moderators: Andreas BIKFALVI and Cécile DUPLAA

 16.00 – 16.45             Christer BETZHOLTZ                                        KEYNOTE                                            Stockholm, Sweden

S1P-S1P1 signaling – a critical negative regulator of tip cell formation and angiogenic sprouting

 16.45 – 17.05             Martin HAGEDORN                                                                                                        Bordeaux, France

Chemical inhibition of Eg5 protein unveils a critical role of mitotic kinesins in physiological and pathological angiogenesis

 17.05 – 17.25             Marie-Ange RENAULT                                                                                                   Bordeaux, France
Schwann cell-derived Desert Hedgehog controls limb blood vessel network and angiogenesis

 17.25 – 17.40             Isabelle BRUNET                                                                                                                      Paris, France
                                      Guidance of arterial innervation

 17.40 – 17.55             Cathy PICHOL-THIVEND                                                                                                         Paris, France

Lysyl oxidase-like protein-2 regulates sprouting angiogenesis and type IV collagen assembly in the endothelial basement membrane

 17.55 – 18.10             Emma LEFRANCAIS                                                                                                         Toulouse, France

Functional characterisation of IL-33, a chromatin associated cytokine:  role in inflammation, angiogenesis and tumour progression

 18.10 – 18.25             Lauriane JANSSEN                                                                                                                Liege, Belgium

VEGF111, a diffusible and resistant-to-degradation variant of VEGF-A, induces the formation of a dense and characteristic network of small functional capillaries in vivo

 18.25 – 18.40             Sylvaine GUERIT                                                                                                              Bordeaux, France
VEGF modulates the synaptic transmission during embryonic development

Monday, October 10th, 2011

 Session 2          Mechanisms of Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis
                                      Moderators: Jean-Jacques FEIGE and Fabrice SONCIN

 09.00 – 09.45             Tatiana PETROVA                                             KEYNOTE                                        Epalinges, Switzerland
                                      Mechanisms of lymphatic vascular development and remodeling

 09.45 – 10.05             Julie GAVARD                                                                                                                           Paris, France
Effect of the tumor microenvironment on brain endothelial cell permeability

 10.05 – 10.20             Jenny PAUPERT                                                                                                                    Liege, Belgium
                                      Involvement of z-MMP-2 in Zebrafish lymphangiogenesis

 10.20 – 10.35             Barbara GARMY-SUSINI                                                                                                 Toulouse, France

Hypoxia induces translational regulation of lymphangiogenic growth factors in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

10.35 – 11.45             Coffee break, Stands, Posters

 11.45 – 12.05             Philippe LE BOUTEILLER                                                                                                 Toulouse, France
Targeting CD160 for a novel anti-angiogenic therapy

 12.05 – 12.25             Majid KHATIB                                                                                                                  Bordeaux, France

Proteolytic activation of protein precursors by the proprotein convertases (PC) in tumorigenesis, metastasis and angiogenesis

12.25 – 14.00             Lunch

 Session 3          Translationally/clinically oriented angiogenesis research
                                      Moderators: Jean-Sébastien SILVESTRE and Marc POCARD

 14.00 – 14.45             Adrian HARRIS                                                 KEYNOTE                                    Oxford, United Kingdom
Mechanisms of resistance to anti-VEGF treatment-new therapeutic strategies

 14.45 – 15.05             Céline PALLAUD                                                                                                                               Roche
                                      Biomarkers of Angiogenesis

 15.05 – 15.25             Eric RAYMOND                                                                                                                                      Paris

Sensitivity and Resistance to VEGFR/PDFR Inhibition: from clinical evidences to laboratory mechanisms.

15.25 – 16.40             Coffee break, stands, Posters

 16.40 – 17.00             Alain RAVAUD                                                                                                                 Bordeaux, France
                                      Anti angiogenic therapy and renal cell carcinoma

 17.00 – 17.20             Sophie DUPUIS-GIROD                                                                                                  Grenoble, France

Efficacy and safety of Bevacizumab in the treatment of Hemorrhagic Hereditary Telangiectasia (HHT) associated with severe hepatic vascular malformations

 17.20 – 17.40             Francine BEHAR-COHEN                                                                                                         Paris, France

Placental Growth Factor contributes to micro-vascular abnormalization and blood-retinal barrier breakdown in diabetic retinopathy

 17.40 – 18.00             Louis CASTEILLA                                                                                                              Toulouse, France
                                     Regenerative properties of adipose derived stroma cells and aging

 18.00 18.20             Alain TAIEB                                                                                                                      Bordeaux, France
Propranolol in infantile hemangiomas: Deciphering the role of betaadrenergic signalling in angiogenesis

 18.20 – 19.00             SFA General Assembly

20.00                           Gala diner


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

 Session 4          Angiogenesis and pathology
                                      Moderators: Thierry COUFFINHAL and Danièle MATHIEU

 09.00 – 09.45             Karbaan HODIVALA-DYLKE                            KEYNOTE                                   London, United Kingdom
                                      Dose matters and angiogenesis

 09.45 – 10.05             Jean-Baptiste MICHEL                                                                                                            Paris, France
Soluble lipids trigger intramural angiogenesis in early angiogenesis

 10.05 – 10.20             Nunzia TACELLI                                                                                                                         Lille, France

Angiogenesis in non-small cell lung cancer: early assessment of therapeutic response to antiangiogenic chemotherapy with perfusion multidetector-row CT (MDCT)

 10.20 – 10.35             Kiave Yune HO WANG YIN                                                                                                    Paris, France

Prolyl-hydroxylases inhibition and strategies of therapeutic angiogenesis: role in post-ischemic tissue regeneration

 10.35 – 10.50             Eva Maria GALAN MOYA                                                                                                       Paris, France

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer: a nourishing endothelial bed for glioma stem cells       

10.50 – 11.45             Coffee break, Stands, Poster

 11.45 – 12.05             Gilles PAGES                                                                                                                              Nice, France

The role of Tristetraprolin (TTP) as a tumor suppressor and as a predictive marker of response to targeted therapies in breast cancers and melanoma

 12.05 – 12.25             Stéphane GERMAIN                                                                                                               Paris, France
Angiogenesis and pathology: role of hypoxia

 12.25 – 12.40             Claire BOUVARD                                                                                                                     Paris, France

Conditional ablation of alpha6 integrin subunit in mouse endothelium reduces post-ischemic angiogenesis

12.40 – 13.00             Roche Angiogenesis Award                                                                                                                                                           

13.00 – 14.15             Lunch

 Session 5          New concepts in angiogenesis research
                                      Moderators: Yves AUDIGIER and Gilles PAGES

 14.15 – 15.00             Amparo ACKER-PALMER                                KEYNOTE                                            Frankfurt, Germany
EphrinB2 regulates developmental and tumour angiogenesis

 15.00 – 15.20             Danièle GULINO                                                                                                             Grenoble, France
                                      Motor Protein Myosin-X Transports VE-Cadherin along Filopodia

 15.20 – 15.35             Christel PEQUEUX                                                                                                           Toulouse, France

Estradiol promotes the growth of Estrogen Receptor (ER)-negative tumors through host ERα driven angiogenesis

 15.35 – 15.50             Maëva LUXEY                                                                                                                   Toulouse, France
                                      Overexpression of EfnB2 in endothelial cells rescues early embryonic lethality

 15.50 – 16.10             Claire PEGHAIRE                                                                                                                   Pessac, France
                                      Frizzled 7 is required for post natal angiogenesis

15.10 – 16.30             Awards for posters and oral communications – End of the Meeting